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“Oops I did it Again”


Since the beginning of time, people have joined together , in the masses to enjoy the theatre and arts. We used to gather to watch gladiators fight to the death. Well thank goodness today , we’re more likely to attend a 3 DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL.


In 2008 Beyonce had roughly 1,700,000 people attend her concert in Washington, DC. Did you ever wonder who’s behind these massive events?


Owning and operating a planning and entertainment company is extremely challenging. It involves a lot of different moving parts that all need to come together perfectly. After all, we want nothing better than the best experience , when we spend over $100 for a ticket , or even over $10,000 just to get close to your favorite artist.


If you hold a management position in the Entertainment Business , we’d love to have a conversation with you about how our flexible financing options , can put cash in your hands fast.
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