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General FAQ’s

How long has Blue Rock Capital been in business?

We have been in business since May 2016 . To date we have facilitated north of $30,000,000.00 to businesses around the USA and Canada.

How can Blue Rock Capital help my business?

Blue Rock Capital can help your business in several ways. We understand every business is unique, and we therefore offer a variety of business funding solutions, to meet your businesses specific need. Additionally, our in house credit review will help prepare your file for underwriters review, helping increase your chances of getting approved. Many of our clients appreciate the feedback we give them, so they can make some minor changes in their business to help get qualified for better financing.

Is my information secure?

Data is stored in Hippa Compliant, GDPR compliant and ISO 20071 online storage. We value our clients data to highest degree, which allows us to offer bank level type security. We do not share your sensitive data with any vendors or lenders that are not within our network. Additionally, we will never sell your data.

Will you check my credit?

At Blue Rock Capital, we value our clients privacy to the highest degree. We are an approved partner of Experian , and therefore access your credit report via their platform. We run a single, soft-credit check , which means that the report will not negatively impact your credit score. Additionally, only you will be able to see that a report was ran.

How are you different from a traditional bank?

Blue Rock Capital requires much less paperwork than a bank , and timeline to funding is much quicker. For example, applying to bank for a loan can take as little as 30 days and up to a year ( If SBA). Additionally, traditional banks are highly regulated, making it much more difficult for your business to get approved. At Blue Rock Capital, we work with the best alternative to bank lenders to help get your business the funds it needs within as little as 24-48 hours of applying. On top of that, our application process takes only several minutes and is all electronic.

What does it cost to Apply?

To apply, there is no cost. However, once approved for funding there may be closing fee’s. Please make sure to review your funding agreement with your account executive to make sure that any and all fee’s are disclosed ahead of time.

What does it take for my business to qualify ?

Our minimum requirements are to be in business for at-least 3 months and generate at least $10,000.00 / month is sales. Majority of our clients are in business for at-least 12 months and generating $1,000,000.00 in sales annually. Another very important factor is maintaining healthy, positive average daily bank balances. If banking activity is erratic , and/or has too many NFS’s and negative ending daily balances, unfortunately applications such as these are typically declined.

Do I need a minimum FICO score to apply?

Generally, most of our clients have 600+ FICO Scores. However, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. If your FICO score is low , please speak to your account executive , as its very likely theres minor actions that can be made on your end to increase for FICO Score. A major of which , is paying off debtors that may still have a small balance, which you don’t even realize exists.

What does your Funding Structure look like?

We offer our clients several business funding options, including Short Term Business Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Invoice Financing/ Factoring, Equipment Financing and Unsecured Business Merchant Cash Advances.

What does your re-payment Structure look like?

Depending on the Business Funding Type that we facilitate, will depend on the repayment method. First and foremast, we are very adamant about providing our clients with capital that will help their businesses , and not hurt their businesses. Having said that it is important to review your funding approval with your accountant to make sure the daily, weekly or monthly payments are affordable. For most of the deals we structure, payments are made via ACH from your business checking accounting either weekly or daily.

What's the minimum and maximum you can fund?

Blue Rock Capital facilitates funding from as little as $10,000.00 to as much as $6,000,000.00

What are your rates?

We offer rates starting at 1.5% a month on our Business Line of Credit. On our MCA product factor rates start at 1.18 with early payment options available on a case by case basis. For businesses seeking a more long term capital solution, we offer loans with APR starting just several points above prime. However, for these loans the underwriting, due diligence and paperwork required is a lot more extensive.

Do you fund Start-Up's ?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer funding for Start-Up’s. We wish you much success on starting up. After 3 months of generating sales , please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, as we’d love to work with you then.

What Do I need to do to Apply?

Complete our secure , online E-Sign Loan Application, and submit at-least the 3 most recent business bank statements, and business credit card processing statements.

How long does it take to receive my funds?

From Applying to Receiving the funds into your business checking account, can take as little as 24-48 hours.

*Some transactions can be quicker and some can take longer. If you need the funds quickly, please speak to your dedicated account manager.