“Work hard, party harder”


Running and Managing any type of nightclub comes with a lot of expenses. Bar Tenders, Dancers, Security Bouncers and Managers are typically paid very generously. In addition to the staff, there’s a heavy cost for securing liquor licensing and paying the DJ.


We’ve had many instances where our clients, who work in the nightlife industry, call us a week before a big event in need of some quick capital. There’s so much planning going on, that sometimes that extra cushion of cash is necessary.


We help our clients in several ways. Firstly , we set them up with a revolving business line of credit, as long as revenue is consistent. Secondly, is when they are ready to take the next step and open up another location , we provide acquisition financing.


If you own a nightclub or something similar , please give us a call. We’d love to learn about your unique operation and find a funding solution that works best for you.
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